Eldershore is a bustling town located on the banks of the Eldershine River. It began life as a boom town of camp followers for The Duke’s Men, a mercenary unit that at its height was over four thousand soldiers. The unit marched out to war over three generations ago and hasn’t been heard from since. The keep itself has a small village living on the parade grounds inside the walls and hasn’t had any real leadership in sixty years. The real problem is that there was a grandson left behind as “the Duke-in-training” who was more interested in horses than running a business. Outside the Keep, the town itself was becoming a political entity and has gained in power during the interim.

Today, Eldershore is the county seat of the local area. Governed by a “Lord Mayor” who is appointed by the Council of Lords. They are aware of their allegiance to the Crown, but no one remembers the last time anyone has bothered to contact the town of Eldershore for any reason. In fact, due to its status as a support center for the military, the teleportation circles for the town are located in the Keep. It’s possible that someone knows what is going on; the average citizen just doesn’t care. The Count has traditionally resided at Court with the Royal family. The title of “the Duke” was given to the owner of the Duke’s Men, and was usually a military man. The local landowners were Barons or Baronets depending on the size of land owned. Most of these were also retired Knights of the Realm who now make up the Council. The Kingdom of Wind was at one time a powerful young empire that welcomed all races. Dwarves and elves and humans and to some extent even the nomadic Halflings were welcomed as equals.